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2014-02-06 Move after great news

Because of exceptional results I decided to rebalance our portfolio tonight. I decided to sell my position on Alcatel lucent because of the firm performance.

Altcatel Lucent has improved its situation and the perspectives are favorable for the future:

Revenu : -0.1% (3,930 Mds € <- 4,096 Mds €)
Profit: 134 Mls € <- -1,558 Mds €
Economy on the fixed cost: 365 Mls €

I sold my position on the market close to take my gain: I sold it on market close at 3.34 € (we previously bought it at 2.997). This movement occasioned a performance of +11.44% on 20% of my portfolio: 11.44 / 5 = 2.288% performance.


In the same time I buy 10% or Orpea share and I let 10% of liquidity. I bought Orpea shares at 40.68€ per share. I choose this firm because of good technical analysis indicators and because of the consensus on this value.


Considering the other share of my portfolio I will explain to you why I will explain to you why I keep these firms on my portfolio at the end of this week.


See you soon.


Emmanuel B.


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