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2014-02-16 End of the Second Trading Week

Hello everyone,

Portfolio Selection : 

here is the results of the second trading week. This week was particularly intersting because of the amount of results which appears all the week long. As you can see in my last article the first part of the week was very good because of my bets on Societe Generale, Vinci & Faurecia. The second part of the week was more difficult because of the bad news on BNP Paribas which is under legal procedure with USA because of it’s activity in Iran (BNP has fund 798 Millions € because of this problem).  In the same time my bet on Orpea has limited the loss on BNP Paribas.

At the end of the week my total performance is 4.13% compare to 2.65% for the CAC 40 (1.48% of over performance). Here you will find a recap of the week :

Performance of The Week 07-02 to 14-02

The first trading week  has finished with a total performance of 3.89%. The performance on the two first week is 8.17% (I have reinvested all my gain of the first week). In the same time the CAC 40% progress from 4165.72 to 4340.14 (4.19% performance). I over performed the CAC 40 of 398 bps.


On friday closing I sold my positions on Orpea, Bourbon and Total and change the liquidity I obtained with three new title that in my opinion have more potential. The new companies in my portfolio are : Lafage, Credit Agricole & Atos. I bought on close so here are the prices of my aquisitions :

Lafarge : 10% at 54.36

Credit Agricole : 10% at 10.72

Atos : 10% at 65.63

Here are the technical analysis :

I choose these titles because of these technical analysis and consensus. Here we can see that RSI is well oriented and bellow 80. Bollinger are also well oriented and other technical indicators coroborate my choice.





Statistics of the week :

Statistics 2014-02-16

these statitics are not perfect and some of them are desapointing (mainly from the US). However the market has been well oriented because of Jannet Yellen (new Feds’ CEO) speech.


Companies’s Results :

Resultat d'entreprise


Total, Societe Générale, Faurecia and Orpea have very good results. However these results have been wasted because of BNP and it’s activities in Iran.

See you next week.



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