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2014-02-19 Take Profit and Reinvest

I choose to sold my position on some of my stocks after today news.

I sold my position on Nexity, Credit Agricole & BNP Paribas. Some people could say that I sold my position way to early on Credit Agricole because the company only take about 2.04% today and the possibility of gain is way more important. However i’m not confident in next economical indicators of the US and I don’t want to be to exposed to the market volatility that’s why I cut my losses on BNP and I take my gain on Credit Agricole.

Here is a recap on my sales :



I obtain a profit of 0.73% witht these three sales.

With this sales I have 40% liquidity in my portfolio. I’ve decided to buyKering, Suez Envirronement and some Axa.

Kering : 20% at 152.30

Suez Envirronement: 10% at 13.180

Axa : 10% at 19.790

this decision has been taken regard the consensus and the technical and quantitative analysis.


See you soon to analyse the results of theses investments

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