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2014-02-20 Happy days after good news

Hello everyone,

today was a great day for my portfolio my selection of yesterday closing was good and my patience on another value was justified. So i’m writting this short ticket tonight to explain you which positions I sold on market close and which companies enter my portfolio.

Without any surprise I take my gain on Technip and Suez after the share skyroketing today.

The results are bellow

vente 2014-02-20


Suez level are from 2014-02-19 because I bought the share this day.

The total perfomance on this two shares from the begining of the week is about : 1.33%which could be added to the 0.73% from yesterday to obtain a latent performance of 2.03% only on the sold position.

I obtain 20% liquidity which I use to buy the following shares :

Areva : 10% at 20.88

Vivendi : 10% at 20.88


I will writte a bigger article this week end to sum up all the event of the week.


See you.

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