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2014-03-02 : End of the fourth trading week

Portfolio Selection:

This week has been intense and I don’t take all the good choices. Indeed for example I bet on Areva because i thought that the restrecturation of the society will be efficient but the result wasn’t there. The results was a loss of -0.869% on my portfolio. However in the sametime I choose some good companies such as GDF Suez which published results in line with analysts and I well played my stock picking on IT Link with a small gain on 0.281%.

During the week I’ve made a 0.88% performance compare to the -0.25% of the CAC 40 which leads me to over performed the market of 113 bps. From the begining of this portfolio experience I’ve made a total performance of 11.57% in one month compare to 5.82% for the cac 40 (a total over performance of 575 bps.)

The result of the past trading week is bellow:

Portfolio Performance End 4th Week


At the end of the week I choose to sell my position on Air France KLM which leads me to have 30% liquidity in my portfolio.

I choose to invest these 30% liquidity in three new firms :

I buy on friday closing :

10% of my portfolio on Arkema at 78.80

10% of my porfolio on Bourbon at 21.305

10% of my portfolio on DNXCorp at 18.49

Composition End of Week


Technical Analysis of the new comers




Tomorrow i will update this article with economical statistics of the past week.


See you tomorrow




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