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End Of the Sixth Week Trading : Losses but beat the benchmark

Sorry for this week but I was on Holiday and I just arrived so here is only the analysis and the move without comment

sixth trading Week :

sum up of the week

Performance VS Bench

At the end of the sixth trading week I Sold my postion on Altran & Lafarge & Assystem

I replace this companies by

DBV Technologies buy at 20.48

Orapi buy at 16.64

Maison France Confort buy at 33.21


16-Mar-2014Relative Strength Index 16-Mar-2014Simple Moving Average 16-Mar-2014Triple Exponantial Moving Average 16-Mar-2014True Strength Index 16-Mar-2014Volatility Ratio 16-Mar-2014Williams ABC_Arbitrage Audika DBV_Technologies Orapi 16-Mar-2014Average True Range 16-Mar-2014Change 16-Mar-2014Commodity Index Channel 16-Mar-2014Exponantial Moving Average 16-Mar-2014Highest High Lowest Low 16-Mar-2014Parabolic Stop And Reverse 16-Mar-2014Price Rebase at 100 16-Mar-2014Rate of Change


See you soon

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