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Seventh Trading Week :2014-03-14 to 2014-03-21


Yesterday was a very good day butI face some problem to publish the article on my blog that’s why I described my yesterday’s move on my facebook page.

Here is a recap on yesterday move with the performance from friday to monday

I sold my postion on Bourbon : +23.36% on 10% of my portfolio : +2.336% for the portfolio

I sold my 10% on areva : +0.39% : 0.039% for my portfolio

I sold my 10% on Axa : +2.09% : +0.209% for my portfolio

I spent 10% of myportfolio on Aubay : buy at 9.60€

I spent another 10% of my portfolio on Groupe Open : buy at 8.46€

I let 10% liquidity because of the Crimea Situation



I sold my position on Orapi : 10% of my portfolio with a performance of 9.375% : 0.937% for the portfolio

I sold my position on Maison France Confort : 10% with a performance of 5.089% : 0.509% for the portfolio

I spent 10% on Prodware : buy at 12 €

I spent 10% of my portfolio on Bollore : buy at 445.15 €

I spent 10% of my portfolio on Viel & Compagnies : buy at 2.52 €

My portfolio is now invested at 100%.



Today is a special day because of the speech of Ms Yellen Fed CEO. Because of the end market which was bearish I decided to sold four positions which follow the move of the market without replacing them in order to lower the sensitivity of my portfolio.

I sold DBV Technologies : the results was poor. However I will probably return on this stock in September because the firm is working on a potential good drug. The result will be published on October : I made a performance of 1.32% so 0.132% for the portfolio

I sold my position on Lafarge to lower the senitivity of my portfolio : I made a performance of 1.62% so 0.162% for my portfolio

I sold my position on Air Liquidie for the same reason : 0.74% performance so 0.074% performance for my portfolio

Finally I sold my position on Viel & Compagnies on because of Ms Yellen however I will see tomorrow if I return on this company tomorrow on closing because the result are on friday : +7.94% so +0.794% for mu portfolio

Here you can find the financial results of DBV & Orapi & Aubay & Open (be carefull french news)







today was pretty turbulent. However at the end of the day the situation was pretty good. At the end of the day I choose to reinvest 10% of my portfolio in Viel & Compagnies

The news of the day are bellow :




See you tomorrow

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